Risk Based Inspection

rbiRisk based inspection (RBI) planning is now becoming an accepted tool for establishing  the  type,  extent  and frequency  of  inspection of plant assets, based on an assessment of likelihood of failure and consequences.

REKSOLINDO uses risk as the basis for prioritizing and managing an inspection program’s efforts, thereby determining an optimum combination of inspection methods, scopes and frequencies. This module can be used to analyze inspection, design and process data to determine areas of over-inspection and inadequate or deficient inspection methods. Use our pre-defined RBI configurations or have them tailored to your specific strategies and needs.

The following types of pressurized equipment and associated components/internals are covered by this method:

  • Pressure vessels-all pressure containing components
  • Process piping–pipe and piping component
  • Storage Tanks–atmospheric and pressurized
  • Rotating equipment–pressure containing components
  • Boilers and heater—pressurized components
  • Heat exchangers (shell, heads, channels and bundles)
  • Pressure relief devices

REKSOLINDO offers complete, comprehensive and Risk Based Inspection services:

  • Data Collecting
  • Degradation Mechanism Analysis
  • Risk Assessment Process
  • Consequence Analysis
  • Probability of Failure
  • Risk Ranking
  • Inspection Plan
  • Work Pack
  • Cost Analysis