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List of Public Training Experiences

2017December 5-8HAZID & HAZOP in Gas Turbine Operations
2016August 23-26Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS)
2016September 6-9Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
2016September 26-28Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
2016October 11-14Modern Maintenance Management
2016December 8-10Safety Protection of Gas Turbine Generator System
2015June 8-10Risk Based Inspection (based on API 580/581)
2015June 9-12Production Safety System
2015August 3-7Root Cause Failure Analysis
2015November 10-14Electrical Safety & Fire Investigation
2015December 15-17Risk Based Inspection (based on API 580/581)
2014May 7-9Risk Based Inspection (based on API 580/581)
2014November 27-29 Electrical Safety
2013April 17-19Total Productive Maintenance
2012Oct 29-Nov 1stPredictive & Preventive Maintenance
2011July 25-29Piping System & Pipeline Integrity
2011October 17-20Failure Analysis
2010May 10-12Risk Based Inspection
2008 March 10-13Valve Technology Design, Selection, Operation & Maintenance
2008June 25-27Risk Based Inspection
2008August 26-29Failure Analysis for Industrial Equipment
2008December 15-19Failure Analysis for Industrial Equipment
2007 February 13-16Fiber reinforced plastics technology for OIL & gas industry
2007April 23-27Failure analysis for Industrial Equipment
2007 June 20-22Risk Based Inspection
2007July 17-20Rotating Equipment: Operation & Maintenance
2007 August 28-31Risk Based Inspection
2007November 5-9Failure Analysis for Industrial Equipment
2006July 2-28Risk Based Inspection